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Ad Placement & Renewal Questions

How do I place an ad displaying my contact information? Or an anonymous ad?

Ads may be placed anonymously through the application of a checkbox on the Ad Form screen, which displays two options:


If box 1, "Show information in orange on my listing", is selected, then the Contact Information items such as First and Last Name, City, State and Phone/Fax will be displayed to the right of your ad content online. Depending upon your instructions to applicants in your ad, applicants will either select the "Reply to Ad" button, and their reply will be anonymously sent to the ad email address you indicated in the Contact Information box, OR they will send their replies to the personnel/source you designate in your ad.

If box 2, "Don't show any contact information with my ad", is selected, only the Ad Content will appear. This means you must include any desired contact information within the ad content if you want it to be displayed. Applicants will select the "Reply to Ad" button, and their reply will be anonymously sent to the ad email address you indicated in the Contact Information box.

All ads include the option for applicants to click on "Reply to Ad," and their response will be directed to the email address you specified for that purpose in the Contact Information section.

How do I edit my existing ad?

The following ad edit policy is included in the confirmation email sent after an ad is posted online:

"Ads cannot be revised once placed. If, however, an error is subsequently discovered (e.g., a misspelling or incorrect contact information), please send the entire corrected ad, the name of the person who placed the ad, and the email address used, to service@WhereTechsConnect.com and we will make the change for you."

Once an ad is confirmed and processed, customers no longer have access to edit the ad text unless you agree to the additional charge. If you find an error, the best method is to email your entire revised ad text to Linda@WhereTechsConnect.com, and she will replace the current text at no charge. Please also send the ad email address, and the account email address, if different. The updated text will appear online immediately.

How do I post an image with my ad?

On the Ad Form screen below the Ad Content area, locate the following "Browse" button and click to add the file from your computer (please NOTE the maximum size displayed below of 200KB):

How do I attach my resume to my reply to a prospective employer?
  1. You can create and store a resume on our site, to include with replies to ads or:
  2. Locate the ad you wish to reply to; then click on their "Reply to Ad" button on the right-hand side.
  3. A reply screen will be displayed: enter your email address.
  4. Then, in the open box for "Text," copy-and-paste your cover letter and/or resume.
How do I renew my ad?

  1. Access WhereTechsConnect.com's home page
  2. Click on My Ads at the top of the home page
  3. Fill in your account information on the right-hand side
  4. From there you should be able to click-through to renew your ad
  5. If you encounter difficulties, please call 916-987-3300, or email service@WhereTechsConnect.com

Our ad was successful, and now we just want to terminate the ad so we don't receive further replies. How do we do that?

Send an email to service@WhereTechsConnect.com, and we will terminate the ad for you, effective the same day.

Can I place an ad without creating a login?

No. We have worked hard to make our site accessible. To be honest, we didn't want to require users to login. So many sites make the process cumbersome. Yet we wanted our users to be able to renew and revise their ads easily. And we didn't want return users to have to re-enter all their information. Creating a login became a necessity.

I want to renew my ad, and I forgot my password.

Send an email containing the email address you used when you created your account to service@WhereTechsConnect.com requesting your password. If you have it, please include a copy of the most recent ad confirmation email sent to you. Our Tech Support Department will email your password to you.

What if I want to list my ad in more than one city?

Each ad you place will be listed in one city. If you want to place your ad in another city, you will need to pay for an additional ad. For example, if you want a position (or have a position to offer) in both San Jose and San Francisco, you pay for two ads.

Ad Assistance / Ad Writing Tips

I need assistance placing an ad on your website. How do I obtain a copy of your ad placement procedures?
  1. Navigate to our website: http://www.WhereTechsConnect.com
  2. Select "Place an Ad"
  3. In the left-hand panel under "New Users," insert the desired name, email address and password to create your account.
  4. On the next screen, the Ad Form, select your state, and the desired region for ad coverage;
  5. Then "Select a job category": click the drop down arrow and select the desired job category;
  6. Then fill in the Contact Information and Ad Content information; notice you may also upload a photo, if desired;
  7. If you have a promo code, enter it in the "Special Promotional Code" box.
  8. When this screen is complete, click on "continue" in the lower right-hand corner to go to the Ad Preview page. If the Ad Preview looks correct, click "continue". If you need to make an edit to the ad, click "edit" to go back to the main Ad Form.
  9. After the Ad Preview, you'll see the Place an Ad: Payment screen. Select the desired Ad Duration, and the cost is automatically calculated for you; Fill in the Payment Method information
  10. Clicking "continue" here finalizes your ad, and it will be immediately posted on our website; a confirmation email will be sent to the ad email address you indicated. Note: After your ad is finalized, if you find an error and need to edit your ad, see your options in our FAQs: Ad Placement and Renewal section.
  11. If you experience any problems, contact: Linda@WhereTechsConnect.com. If you prefer to speak in person, please feel free to contact her at 916-987-3300 after 10:00am PST.
Do you have samples of anonymous ads I may review?

Yes. Please click on the "Sample Ad Text" button on the "Place an Ad" page. For more sample ads, email Linda@WhereTechsConnect.com.

I'm new at placing ads: can you help me to word an ad? What works the best?

Please click on the Ad Writing Tips button on the "Place an Ad" page or simply click here: Ad Writing Tips.

We would like to receive more replies to our ad: can you help?

To consider enhancements to your current or future ad, please click on the Ad Writing Tips here: Ad Writing Tips.

Ad Payment Questions

How much do ads cost?

The fee for ad placement is $69.95 for 30 days; $139.90 for 60 days; $209.85 for 90 days, and so on up to a maximum of one year—minus any promo code you may apply. WhereTechsConnect.com has the very best pricing anywhere on the Web for a job posting ad in the veterinary field. You may also be interested to know that our website partners with other nationwide websites, so your ad receives significantly greater exposure than just one online insertion.

How much does it cost to renew an ad?

The fee for renewing an ad is $69.95 for 30 days; $139.90 for 60 days; $209.85 for 90 days, and so on up to a maximum of one year—minus any promo code you may apply.

I have a promo code, but forgot to enter it. Since my ad is already placed, what do I do?

Send an email to service@WhereTechsConnect.com including a copy of the ad confirmation email sent to you. Our Tech Support Department will apply the credit to your credit card account, and you will receive a confirmation email for the credit applied.

We use only American Express credit cards, and your system does not accept American Express. What do I do?

At the bottom of the Payment Form, there is a link to the PayPal System.

Does your website accept PayPal for payment?

At the bottom of the Payment Form, there is a link to the PayPal System.

What if I don't want to pay by credit card?

You can have your payment debited from your checking account. WhereTechsConnect uses PayPal to process payments. PayPal is a reputable company that has processed billions of dollars and follows all security measures.

Which credit cards do you accept?

All major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Account Update Questions

I'd like to change my account email address and/or password: what do I do?

Send an email to service@WhereTechsConnect.com requesting your desired account update change. Please include a copy of the most recent ad confirmation email sent to you. Our Tech Support Department will update the email address and/or password on your account, and you will receive a confirmation email when this process is completed.

What if I change jobs and want to update my resume?

Updating your resume is free. And it's easy. Login and make the changes you want. Your updated resume will be attached to your ad. If you don't have a current ad, you can still update your resume.

Website Questions

How long has your website been online?

WhereTechsConnect.com made its debut online in 2003 as the best vet tech job resource ever. We have served thousands and thousands of very satisfied customers ever since.

What feedback does your website receive from past advertisers?

Please click on More Success Stories on our home page to access a sampling of testimonials received from our customers, or simply click here: Success Stories.

Does your website maintain a resume database that I may review?

No, WhereTechsConnect.com does not maintain a searchable database of resumes. Most often, resumes are included when an applicant replies to an ad.


Is it safe to give my credit card information?

Yes. We use encryption, firewalls and other technology and security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your credit card number.

I have a job I don't want to risk losing. But I want to look for a new job. How can I remain anonymous?

Place a "Seeking Job Ad," and simply check the box, "I would like to remain anonymous" when placing your ad. Employers can respond to your ad by clicking "reply to ad." The response will come directly to our site. We will then forward it to your email address.

What happens to the personal information I give to WhereTechsConnect.com?

WhereTechsConnect.com respects your privacy and works hard to make sure your personal data is kept private and secure. As part of its general functionality, our server cannot recognize any information regarding the domain, email, or regular mail address of a specific user.

You can access our website home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. However, when you voluntarily create a user identification and password in order to place, revise or renew an ad, WhereTechsConnect.com collects information about you. We do build mailing lists using this information to provide updates about our site. If you don't want to receive these updates you will be given the opportunity to "opt-out."

Do you sell my personal information to others?

Absolutely not. WhereTechsConnect.com does not share, disclose or sell any personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, telephone number or email address) collected online. In the future, should we want to share such data with third parties, we will first obtain your consent.