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Certified Veterinary Technician
date posted 11.30.17
Position Offered | Vet Technician | Denver | Colorado

VCA Aspenwood Animal Hospital is a busy 4 doctor practice on Colorado Blvd that cares for companion animals, pocket pets and exotics. We not only provide the basics in veterinary medicine, but offer our clients digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy and a true passion for preventative medicine. 

We are looking for Certified Veterinary Technicians that will fit in with our fun family oriented team and are able to thrive in a fast paced setting. 

The technicians we are looking for will be able to work within a team, interested in utilizing their skills to the fullest, able to self motivate and have an interest in continuing to learn.

Along with providing high quality patient and client care that our staff can be proud of, we encourage our staff to continue to learn and grow. 

For our team we provide continuing education reimbursement, free race certified CE quarterly, CVT license reimbursement, opportunities to continue to grow within VCA, uniforms, excellent human and pet care benefits, 401K, along with a list of other voluntary benefits. 

Job Summary:

Assist doctor and other hospital staff by care and cleaning of patients and facilities including

completing patient treatments, assisting in surgery and all other animal care functions as well as

other tasks involved in the operations of a veterinary hospital.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Previous experience or training/education working in a veterinary facility.

• Must be friendly, outgoing, “people oriented.”

• Excellent communications skills.

• Must be capable of being cross-trained for front office receptionist duties that will be

expected in the job.

• Telephone and computer skills are necessary.

• Must be a team player willing to learn new techniques and treatments and to accept


Education and Experience:

• College or college-equivalent education as required in becoming a Registered or

Certified Veterinary Technician.


• Direct and guide veterinary assistants, including kennel attendants and bathers.

• Technician training as needed.

• Perform emergency care within regulatory limits.

Physical Requirements:

• Dependable attendance is required.

• Any allergies to animals must be controllable through medication.

• Must be able to lift 40 pounds.

• Must be willing to work long or irregular hours under pressure conditions.

• This position requires the ability to walk, bend, stand and reach constantly during a

minimum 8-hour day.

• Visual acuity sufficient to maintain accurate records, recognize people and understand

written directions.

• Ability to speak and hear sufficiently to understand, give information in person and over

the telephone.

• Fine motor skills adequate for utilizing hospital equipment such as electric clippers,

syringes, radiology equipment, laboratory equipment, computers, etc.


The following is a list of essential job requirements. This list may be revised at any time and

additional duties not listed here may be assigned as needed. Job functions and job

responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Client Relations

2. Nursing Care

3. Housekeeping/Maintenance

4. Examinations/Assessments

5. Record Keeping

6. Anesthesia

7. Surgery

8. Radiology

9. Dentistry

10. Laboratory

11. Pharmacy

12. Marketing

Client Relations:

• Agree to incorporate the principles of the VCA Mission Statement, Three Steps of

Service and VCA Standards of Client Service in their daily job performance.

• Demonstrate excellent relations with clients/pets in waiting and/or exam rooms:

- Assist receptionists with client/patient checking in and checking out of hospital.

- Ensure that clients and pets feel welcome and comfortable.

- Serve as “Ambassadors” for creating and maintaining goodwill for the hospital.

- Build rapport with clients and pets.

- Immediately greet clients and their pets by name making eye contact with clients

while speaking to them.

- Help new clients completely fill out the registration form. Inform new clients about the

hospital’s services, etc.

- Exceed the client’s expectations of service.

- If there is a delay, keep clients informed of expected waiting time.

- Must support reception staff by providing telephone support to ensure that clients’

calls and requests are being processed in a timely manner.

- Provide support to reception staff in appointment scheduling.

- Ability to effectively communicate and educate clients on general animal husbandry

and answer non-medical questions:

- General dietary requirements, and feeding schedules.

- Vaccination schedules for dogs and cats.

- Basic dietary recommendations (types of diets that may be recommended for a pet).

- Dental care instructions.

- Indications for performing routine laboratory tests (i.e. fecals, heartworm, leukemia,


- Housebreaking techniques.

- General flea and tick control.

- VCA Quality Care Programs, especially the staff question and answer sections and

the information on each program’s client information sheet.

Nursing Care:

• Compassionate nursing care is the top priority for all patients.

• Make certain all patients are kept clean and as comfortable as possible.

• Assist in treating hospitalized animals under veterinary supervision.

• Continuously monitor all patients admitted to the hospital.

• Ensure all patients are clearly identified including entry on hospital day sheet, cage card,

and ID collar.

• Assist veterinarians to direct traffic (patients and care) and leverage staff time.

• Efficiently organize daily duties and medical-surgical procedures to best utilize staff’s


• Participate in client communication and education, explaining administration of

medications, follow-up care, diet recommendations and general animal care.

• Flexibility in working hours is required to ensure that the job is done properly (willing to

work beyond scheduled hours if necessary).

Housekeeping and Maintenance of Hospital:

• Make certain entire hospital both inside and outside, including treatment, surgery,

kennels, runs, parking lot and entry is kept very clean throughout the day (so that a client

could enter the treatment room and/or hospital ward and see their pet without any

notice). This includes your own clothing and appearance.

• Advise Medical Director or Technical Supervisor of any conditions that are unsafe,

including unrecognized hazards or infractions of safety rules.


• Ability to perform a cursory examination of an animal.

• Ability to use a stethoscope and otoscope.

• Ability to recognize fleas, ticks and other external parasites.

• Ability to recognize other potential health care issues, i.e., dental, signs and behavior

patterns that suggest an animal may be in pain, and necessity of veterinarian’s


• Clearly communicate your findings to doctor. Refuse to make a diagnosis.


• Keep records up to date. This includes client records with charges, medical history,

vaccination status, medications administered, laboratory reports, etc.

• Maintain all log books (radiology, surgery, anesthesia, laboratory and controlled

substance logs, etc.).

• Handwriting must be neat and legible.


• Understand how to maintain and use the hospital’s inhalation anesthetic machines.

• Administer certain anesthetics under direct doctor supervision.

• Monitor anesthesia under direct doctor supervision.

• Familiarity with procedures and antidotes for an anesthesia emergency.


• Understand how to prep animals for aseptic surgery.

• Understand principles of aseptics in the surgery room and participate in maintaining

sterile conditions.

• Know the names and general uses of surgical instruments and equipment.

• Maintain and sterilize surgical instruments and packs.

• Be willing and able to assist the doctor with certain surgical procedures.


• Position animals properly for radiography.

• Know how to properly use positioning devices so that patients may be radiographed

without the requirement of assistants holding animals in place whenever possible.

• Develop radiographs.

• Maintain and care for all radiology equipment.

• Practice all safety regulations in regard to radiology.


• Understand how to set up and use the hospital’s dental prophylactics unit.

• Perform routine dental prophylactics procedures as directed by a staff veterinarian.

• Know general uses of the hospital’s instrumentation for endodontic, exodontic

procedures, etc.

• Ability to take dental radiographs if necessary.


• Draw blood samples.

• Collect stool and urine samples.

• Prepare lab request forms.

• Perform certain laboratory tests:

- Stool exams (flotation tests and Giardia fecal antigen tests)

- Urinalysis

- Heartworm test

- Skin scrapings

- FELV tests


• Create prescription labels, fill prescriptions and dispense medications as directed by a


• Control inventory and assist in ordering medications and supplies.

• Maintain proper storage and safekeeping of drugs as directed by a doctor.



• Understand, participate and support planned VCA marketing events and programs.

• Present marketing promotions to clients in a professional manner.


Ad contact:
Samantha Brown
Denver, CO
Phone: 303-757-5646
Fax: 310-979-2480

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Full Time Position Available
date posted 11.28.17
Position Offered | Vet Technician | San Diego | California

VCA Adobe Animal Hospital is seeking an experienced Registered Veterinary Technician to join our 3-doctor small animal practice in Ramona, California—located in the heart of San Diego County.

We’re looking for a believer in the possibilities of high-quality veterinary medicine and patient care—with the experience and technical know-how to make them happen….a devoted team player who thrives in a collaborative environment, and is invested in their colleagues’ success….someone who takes enormous pride in their ability to listen and speak to clients like a trusted friend….a service-minded professional who is energized by the gratitude of others and in the satisfaction of a job done right.  If this describes you, then we want you on our team!

We offer competitive compensation along with a comprehensive benefits package, including, medical/dental/vision and paid vacation (for F/T employees only), 401(k), generous personal pet care discounts and more!

Please note that this position requires a flexible schedule and the ability to work evenings, weekends, and some holidays.



Ad contact:
Rebecca Goerisch
Ramona, CA
Phone: 7607897090

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LVT Needed in NW Reno - Signing Bonus Available!
date posted 11.21.17
Position Offered | Vet Technician | Reno | Nevada

VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital is seeking an experienced Licensed Veterinary Technician to join our 3-doctor small animal practice in Reno, Nevada. Signing Bonus offered! 

We place a strong emphasis on holistic and alternative therapies and welcome experienced technicians from all backgrounds. Our practice is located in Northwest Reno amid quiet neighborhoods and master planned communities. The building, that is our professional home, is well known to the communities we serve. Our services include comprehensive preventative wellness care including early disease detection, vaccines and parasite control. In addition to our preventative services, we offer in-house lab testing, digital radiology, ultrasound, internal medicine, hospitalization and intensive care, surgery, urgent care, advanced dentistry, laser therapy, and other client resources.


Ad contact:
Elizabeth Stanton
Reno, NV
Phone: 775-827-8866

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